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Ms.Chris Bradshaw is the founder of the African Library Project (ALP). She first visited Lesotho in 2004 with her family where they went pony-trekking in the breathtaking Malealea Valley. When I first contacted her I was surprised to learn that she had visited a PCV friend of mine who at the time was trying to help open a library during her stint. Upon Ms. Bradshaw's return to America, she began a massive undertaking to start book drives across America that are helping to enable libraries to open in sub-saharan Africa. As of date, ninety-one libraries have opened in Lesotho, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Botswana since ALP was launched in 2005.

The Glass Shack studio just finished its first book drive in May 2007 where books have arrived in Lesotho and are now en route to the primary school in Ha Sefako village in the Butha-Butha district of Lesotho, Africa. Thanks to book donations made by the following individuals and organizations it has been possible to support ALP:

-Kiwanis Club of Ann Arbor
-Bahai Community of Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor
-Eberwhite Elementary School
-Individuals (Carl, Jo-Anne, Jody, Becky, Yunjae, Harry, Ingrid)
Thanks to Takia and Taku for hauling the books to the post office!
Also a special Thank You to the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor for funding the shipment of these 1,000 books!

“Friends of Lesotho” is an organization that was formed by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers/Lesotho, Africa in 1986. Here you can learn all about the country of Lesotho, where Chris Bradshaw’s inspiration began and also where I have drawn upon the inspirations I gained from visiting there as a PCV. Quite commonly most people in the US have never heard of this little country which has been frequented by Prince Harry and also received a visit from Bono of U2. It is landlocked by South Africa and is just south of Swaziland. You can learn about all of the daily happenings, news, and projects that are taking place right now. Enjoy and may it bring you inspiration too!