Mosaic Classes

My little studio, located on the Old Westside of Ann Arbor is small, yet neat! It is in a farmhouse that was built in 1867 by Mr. White. I’m told that my part of the house was used for the farm workers’ quarters. So it’s fun to imagine all of the people who once occupied this space during a time of dirt roads and horse and buggies. I’m told that it may have had something to do with the Underground Railroad. Not much information can be found, only some sort of mention in the deed I'm told.

Currently I am offering mosaic classes. You will learn cutting techniques and hopefully be able to express your artistic side in an unstructured manner. My hope is that you can enjoy 2 hours of uninterrupted creative energy!

As well, I am offering beading classes where you can learn 3 different beading stitches: Herringbone (or Ndebele); Peyote; and Square stitch.



For the mosaic class, projects range from wall hangings, picture frames, mirrors, tables, chairs, birdhouses or anything else you would like to turn into a mosaic.
For the beading classes you will come out with a beautiful cuff bracelet.


Class Fee/Schedule

For mosaic classes, initial start-up cost depends on your project (for puchasing wood, frame, table, etc.) or you may have something you want to bring that you would like to design a mosaic on. Class schedule is flexible, as well as duration of class which is based on your own personal needs and wants. Studio time is $12.50 per hour which
includes the use of glass and tools.The capacity of my studio will support 4 persons at one time.

Young people are welcome! It seems to be a real hit with the young people this summer. I have had several mothers and daughters visit which seems to be a fun activity for them to share together. Please check back later for pictures of students works!

For beading classes, the same structure applies.

Classes are scheduled on an individual or group basis, as we all have different schedules. Whatever works for us both.