Thanks for visiting The Glass Shack Studio online, where I hope you enjoy viewing my pieces, browsing for stained glass/mosaic supplies, and also have time to learn about the links. A small percent of any piece sold is designated towards an organization called “Friends of Lesotho” in support of school fees for students in Lesotho, Africa who must pay these fees in order to attend school. I lived in Lesotho for a time and saw that in most cases, an education is barely attainable for young people due to not being able to afford these fees imposed by their government. When a student does attend school, there is a severe lack of books.

The Glass Shack began holding a book drive last year in support of www.africanlibraryproject.org, to raise 1,000 books that will enable a library to open in Africa. Currently these books are en route to a primary school in Ha Sefako Village in the Butha-Butha district of Lesotho, Africa.

If you or an organization you belong to may be interested in learning more about Lesotho or in holding your own book drive you can learn more about these various projects in the links.



My background is in elementary and middle school education. I have had opportunities in my teaching career to design classrooms in unique educational settings. This gave me the natural inclination to set up my little glass shack studio out of my apartment. It has been a path in my life that I am grateful for as I am able to express myself and also teach others the process of mosaic designing. Having attracted young people to mosaic classes, I have been pleasantly surprised by their creative mosaic making, and how they seem to enjoy the process. I often draw upon their artworks for sources of inspiration in my own work.

Jewelry making has been my first endeavor in the art realm. I often worked with tiny seed beads, creating little mosaic-like cuff bracelets. Since I was younger I had envisioned working with broken glass. After making my first mosaic piece, I became inspired with new perspectives. I find that I am always learning something new and love to explore different aspects of art. As of late, I am especially interested in the art of children, in particular my two little nieces, who are four and six. From them I learn about the abstract, uninhibited expression that we older people seem to lose sight of. I often try to capture that expression in some of my pieces.

To date, I really enjoy the illustrations of Meilo So and also of Quentin Blake. I see the same uninhibited expressions in their work, as with children that make the process fun and whimsical.

For me, I like to see where my style shall evolve and how I develop further. Mosaics have given me a vessel to explore, express, and be inspired for which I am grateful.